Teacher’s Hope: Foundations

 January 4, 2013

                School calls and I am required to go to their doctor.  I was set with the hospital doctor note to return to work on Monday.  Why did I need to see another doctor?  How inconvenient!  Then I sat in the doctor’s office for over an hour – what a waste of time!

                Finally the doctor comes in and carefully examines the sore knee.  What I thought was just swelling and bruised, is infection.  By evening, my leg is very sore, swollen and warm.  I take the antibiotic prescribed.  That night it was hard to sleep with both pain and thinking about the doctor’s warning concerning the infection spreading.

                During the night I wake and find myself praying a prayer my father taught me to say each night before bed.  I have not thought about this routine prayer for many years.  I never taught it to my children but if you are old enough, you may recall it.  “Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”  According to Wikipedia, written by Joseph Addisen in 1711 with this revised version published in the New England Primer. I don’t think I ever understood the wisdom in those words before or the peace they could bring.  My soul is safe with God no matter what.  My father would continue to lead me in saying the Lord’s Prayer – “Our Father, Who art in heaven…” (from Luke 11) and then would end with God bless Mommy and Daddy, etc. 

                Little did I realize or appreciate the foundation for faith.  In later years, as I knew their faults, never let me forget the childhood faith foundation my father laid.  My parents brought us to church each week – they did not just leave us there.  Sometimes in summer, we would walk together about six blocks to the church. 

                Parents today must be deliberate in this very busy world to care for the example they are and the foundation they lay.  As our children grew, we made the point each day to read the Bible and often in the evenings, other Christian literature.  My husband read the complete Narnia series to them (way before the movies came out). It was not easy to do this. We were often tired and had demands on time and children sometimes were antsy and did not always encourage the endeavor.

                Please don’t think I am morbid concerned about surviving the night with a bruised knee, but the doctor did outline the infection on my leg in pen and instructed me to call if it spread.  I would then probably be sent to the hospital again.  Not sure if it was just a change in the location or that the medicine needed more time to work, I struggled with wondering if I should make a call. 

                As I pass into my later years, (I am no longer a spring chicken), I realize that there will be times when I am afraid for life.  One day I will pass on.  I need not fear what comes after – my soul is hidden with Christ who died to give me spiritual life now and forever!

                What I do need to fear is sin in my life that spreads as an infection in the body.  There is a pill I can take to stop the spread of infection in my body, but only confession, repentance and faith in Christ’s death on the cross for me will heal that deeper infection.  Just like a small infection on a knee, those seemingly small sin infections of gossip, discontent, and pride can grow and choke my spirit.   

                Thank you, doctor, for the pill which is doing what it needs to do; and thank you, Jesus, for your love demonstrated to me, giving forgiveness, cleansing and wonderful hope!

Reason to praise: I am alive and will be forever, I have been given a foundation for faith, and I have hope.

About goyettekaren

I have been married to a wonderful husband for 40 years, I am a mother of three and grandmother of 6. I have taught Sunday school for 37 years and am both teacher of gifted children and librarian in a public school. I seek to live and grow in hope and faith.
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3 Responses to Teacher’s Hope: Foundations

  1. Jessi Paladini says:


  2. Renee says:

    Steve still talks about the Narnia collection that was read to him as a kid-we wil do the same for Cooper. Amazing what details stick with you, that you hold forever, just like the prayer your father would say to you as a child.

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