Teacher’s Hope: Learn to See

January 3, 2013

As I begin this year driving to work over park roads which glisten in the sun, I have time to pray.  May my prayers move from, “help me to get there on time” to “help me show your love to the students I encounter today.”

There are many different types of students, some popular, some quiet, some difficult, some fearful, some bold.  When a teacher looks over a class of 20 or more students, she needs to see more than a sea of faces.  Each one is unique.  Some stand out, some do not.  It takes grace to see each one, love each one and find how to reach each one.  When my students come into the library, I see a different class each period with 300 students in all.  To learn each one’s needs, find out how to encourage and teach them is for me a monumental task, but one that keeps me dependent on One greater than myself.

Those students that I might overlook are some of the ones that need the most.  Lord, what student might you use me to touch today?  Help me to have your perspective as I face the challenges of the day.

Oh, what a lofty goal and desire for my day.  Little did I know that after arriving 8:18 – 3 minutes late, I would fall flat on my knees at 8:20.  An embarrassing spectacle in front of the Chief School Administrator and County Sheriff, as well as an assortment of teachers.

Injured, I would return home for a time of rest and healing, doctor’s visits and x-rays.  Was this all the plan for the beginning of the New Year?

Lord use this time to strengthen me inwardly for all I face – the stress of schedules, long hours, new creative ideas, but mostly to maintain my spiritual walk with you.  Only then can I be what I need to be to those needy students – who need me to see them with your eyes.

Reason to praise:  God is sovereign over events in my life.

(note to readers:  I am posting recent events and lessons learned by them.  They are not in order by day but will tell the story when complete.)

About goyettekaren

I have been married to a wonderful husband for 40 years, I am a mother of three and grandmother of 6. I have taught Sunday school for 37 years and am both teacher of gifted children and librarian in a public school. I seek to live and grow in hope and faith.
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2 Responses to Teacher’s Hope: Learn to See

  1. Jessi Pladini says:

    Lovely blog, Karen. I enjoy reading it. God bless you!

  2. goyettekaren says:

    Thank you, Jessie. I value your opinion as I know you have far more experience writing!

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