Teacher’s Hope: Learning and Growing

January 2nd, 2013
Vacation is over and I am back to the routines of daily work. Did anyone ever tell you that teaching was hard work, but it is also fun!
Today we used a potato and lemon and bottles of water to make a clock, sound chip and LED light work. The kids were amazed that they could put two pieces of metal into a potato and make a sound chip work and then amplify it with a cup. I had the extra fun of experimenting with the procedures with my grandchildren the day before.
I remember reading a suggestion that you should fill some file folders with information you would like to become an expert on. These should be subjects you can be passionate about. Well, I never actually filled file folders, but there are areas that I am passionate about. They would be:
1. The Bible – To know God’s word and to know Christ in an experiential way.
2. Family – To give myself to encourage those closest to me.
3. Teaching – To teach and encourage children both spiritually and to fulfill their potential.
4. Reading – I know the importance of good literature that builds character.
5. Science and Engineering – Learning the laws and forces in the physical and natural world and how man designs in concert with them. This is a fairly new category for me, but I have been learning all I can to teach it. (My father and brother are engineers.)
I am not an expert in any of these areas, but a constant learner and I desire to add to knowledge and applications in each area. How blessed I am that my life’s work also revolves around these areas. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, Sunday school teacher, and public school teacher/librarian. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to teach gifted students and have done so for eleven years. In each of these roles, I get to be involved and continue learning what I love!
Reason to give thanks day 2 – Being able to work daily at what I love.

About goyettekaren

I have been married to a wonderful husband for 40 years, I am a mother of three and grandmother of 6. I have taught Sunday school for 37 years and am both teacher of gifted children and librarian in a public school. I seek to live and grow in hope and faith.
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